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Vragaeschensk restoration by AdamCuerden Vragaeschensk restoration by AdamCuerden
Restoration of "The Illustration of The Siberian War, N. 16: The Japanese Army Occupied Vragaeschensk" [a.k.a. Blagoveshchensk] by Shobido & Co., Tokyo, 1919.

This event was part of the ultimately failed international intervention into Russia to reverse the effects of the Russian Revolution.

Copyright note:

According to articles 51 and 57 of the copyright laws of Japan, under the jurisdiction of the Government of Japan all non-photographic works enter the public domain 50 years after the death of the creator (there being multiple creators, the creator who dies last) or 50 years after publication for anonymous or pseudonymous authors or for works whose copyright holder is an organization.

- Wikipedia.


I originally did this for Wikipedia, so I'll quote what I wrote there on the work done:

Levels adjusted; dirt, wrinkles, rips extraneous ink blobs, etc, cleaned/removed; rotated, cropped, sharpened; text selectively darkened; saturation tweaked (levels adjustment often results in over-saturation); children's story written, since this reminds me of illustrations for them. Once in the city of Vragaeschensk the children were bored. They had nothing to do! Sure, the rest Russia was busy dealing with those mean nobles, but that was a long way away! Why couldn't fun things happen ''there''? Sometimes, they wished that Siberia could be its own country, instead of part of a country where everything interesting happened so far away. Then, at least, they wouldn't have to hear about it. But then, suddenly, with the sound of... fireworks... something started coming! It was the Japanese! The Japanese set off fireworks, and he adults were annoyed, but then the Japanese threw a parade, and they all came out to watch - except the grumpy ones, who had to make a big bonfire pile out of their firework sticks. It was so much fun! There were even biplanes, dropping propoganda '''candy''', and these big ships sailing around in the ocean, sending off fireworks with big BOOMs. It was the best day ever!

I think the restoration work on this image took about 6-8 hours.
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