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Pittsburgh, PA 1871 restorat'n by AdamCuerden Pittsburgh, PA 1871 restorat'n by AdamCuerden
You may want to download this one - it doesn't shrink as well as one might wish

Restoration of [link] from the Library of Congress: A scene of Pittsburgh, Allegheny & Birmingham [Birmingham being the old name for the South Side] from 1871, "Drawn from Nature, Lithographed and Published by Otto Krebs, Pittsburgh, PA" (Though, actually, I think the black layer is actually an engraving, not a lithograph).

My work
This took about 8 hours to clean up, ETA: 14, now: I've put a bunch of extra work in but when I give it to mother this Christmas while standing at the top of the Monongahela Incline - that's the location where this and the 1904 scene previously featured here are viewed from - I think it'll all be worth it. =)

Comparing this to the link above will give an idea of what I did, but, briefly, the image was divided in half, stained, streaky, had a couple creases, and was somewhat dirty. This digitally restored version isn't

Helpful hint

Clean your screen, especially if your cats like to rub against it. Nothing's more annoying than constantly trying to fix something, then realising that the speck's on the screen, not the image.

Copyright status note:

Simple version
American work from 1871. All American works published before 1923 are out of copyright.

Complicated version

As above, but here's why it being scanned by the LoC doesn't cause any additional issues:

A. Anything prepared by a U.S. Federal governmental employee in the course of their duties is in the public domain [link]

B. The Library of Congress explicitly says it does not claim copyright [link]

C. Exact copies of 2-D public domain works can't be copyrighted in America anyway [link]
Reinder Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
So you're printing this? Cool.
AdamCuerden Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Ayup! =)
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