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Left Hand Bear, Oglala chief by AdamCuerden Left Hand Bear, Oglala chief by AdamCuerden
Left Hand Bear, an Oglala Lakota Chieftain, as photographed by Heyn Photo, Omaha in 1899. Hand-coloured photograph. Restored by me, notes below

Library of Congress. [link]

Restoration notes
Okay. I removed dust and scratches, adjusted the colours - the Library of Congress is notoriously poor at calibrating their scanners - and the like. More of note is that, in the lower left, I fixed the top of the arm left of the red object - it looked as if the watercolour had spread into the area where the arm should've been, giving an irregular, rough edge.

Also, someone had taken scissors to the corners. I fixed most of them without too much trouble, but the lower left had too much detail in that area to reconstruct without some very detailed sources as to Oglala sleeves. There was some signs of water damage around the edge of the trimmed area, so I used that to create a larger "damaged" area, which I think is a lot less distracting than black. Look at the link under "source" if you're having trouble understanding that; that should make it clear what I did.

Copyright status
American work from 1871. All American works published before 1923 are out of copyright. As for the LoC scan:

A. Anything prepared by a U.S. Federal governmental employee in the course of their duties is in the public domain [link]

B. The Library of Congress explicitly says it does not claim copyright [link]

C. Exact copies of 2-D public domain works can't be copyrighted in America anyway [link]


Happy Birthday, Takeru! Sorry this is so late. That's what you get if you don't tell someone until the day of =)
DefyProcrastination Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Professional Writer
Fantastic job of restoring this piece. I really like it.

You might like my tribute to the Lakota people: [link]

Keep up the great work.
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